5 good reasons to hold a Secret Santa

Publié le 27 Oct 2017

You celebrate Christmas with an extended family, with friends or with your colleagues. Let's say there are 8 of you celebrating Christmas together, that means 8 x 7 = 56 gifts to plan! Reasonable?

Here are 5 good reasons to organize a Secret Santa:

#1 - Make it more fun!

Favour quality over quantity with the Christmas draw and make the most beautiful gift to the person you have drawn !

#2 - Have a nice time!

What could be more pleasant than to discover D-Day, the person who will offer you his gift while having maintained the suspense during several days or weeks?

#3 - Do something for the planet!

Gifts for everyone, that's as much paper produced. An article worth thinking about: http://www.silicon.fr/le-deplorable-bilan-carbone-du-pere-noel-69224.html

#4 - Yes, interact with Santa!

The random draw system will allow you to exchange anonymous messages with Santa Claus and write him the list of your wishes. You dreamed about it, it's possible!

#5 - Save time at the end of the year !

Organizing a draw will allow you to reduce the number of gifts and focus on one (or possibly several, if you choose to make several draws per person). So you can spend more time decorating your tree, prepare an excellent meal and have a wonderful time!

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